What is an IoT platform? – Understanding the Various Categories

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of objects that are constantly communicating with each other to collect data. This data can be used to improve the efficiency and accuracy of operations.

If you need clarification about this platform, you are not alone. Enterprises are increasingly connecting many IoT endpoints to access data and better manage the physical assets relevant to their business.

Hence, the IoT platform is a critical component of an IoT ecosystem. It consists of support software that efficiently connects everything.

With all kinds of hardware and varied connectivity options, the ecosystem ensures everything goes more smoothly while creating robust solutions. 

What Is An Internet Of Things Platform?

The IoT platform provides the infrastructure you use to create specific features for your solutions. An Internet of Things platform aims to offer all the generic functionalities of your applications.

Understanding the Various Categories of IoT platform

The Internet of Things strives to connect devices remotely to ease operations. It bridges the gap between data networks and device sensors. 

The platform helps you understand the customers’ needs in a better way. It also facilitates product creation to fulfill their requirements. This provides organizations with the aim of greater intelligence and authenticity in their operations. Thus, enabling better decision-making.

When Should an Organization Use the Platform?

As IoT is considered a system of systems, the platform co-exists to help businesses overcome all sorts of technical challenges without the need to figure out anything that is not in their arena. 

For example, an organization might be good at building hardware and decide to make it smart and use the platforms. 

Understanding the Various Categories of Platforms

IoT platforms are complex because they integrate multiple components across some significant layers:

IoT Cloud platform:

This category of platforms offers core building blocks for products, including consuming, transporting, storing, and analyzing data.

Their main aim is to enable the rapid development of your application while extracting the complexities of developing a robust IoT solution. 

IoT Connectivity Platform:

Complexity is an integral part of IoT technology. It links the on-ground IoT devices to the cloud or other big data repositories. 

Many of its products rely on WiFi to connect to the Internet. For them, connectivity management might be included in all the application-enabled programs. Therefore, spending extra time or effort to guarantee connectivity may not be ideal. 

IoT Connectivity’s role is to seamlessly manage the connectivity between your cloud platforms across all cellular operators.

IOT platform for home automation

IoT Device Platform:

IoT device platforms enable the hardware building blocks needed to develop IoT devices. The hardware is usually called the “long pole in the tent” for various levels of IoT product development.

Therefore, it is vital to consider the market before putting in any of your efforts. 

Selecting the appropriate IoT device platform depends on where your IoT product adoption curve lies. 

IoT Analytics Platform:

The goal of any IoT product is not just to collect data. It also provides actionable insights to all users. Most cloud platforms already have analysis tools that would be useful for various applications.

However, if your application has additional requirements regarding visualization, data processing, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, an IoT analytics platform will help accelerate the growth.

These platforms may offer some analytical capabilities that you can customize with the capabilities of other platforms.

Final Verdict

The multi-layer technology of IoT enables ideal provisioning or automation of connected devices within the IoT universe.

It connects your hardware to the cloud using various flexible options to make your devices more scalable and operational.

You can use this robust platform for remote devices or build solutions to smooth your work. 

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