How to Find Someones Location on Facebook?

There are two ways to find someone’s location on Facebook: one is by using a Facebook location tracker (a tracking app), and the other is by utilizing an IP logger tool to trace the user’s IP address and determine their approximate location.

A detailed step-by-step guide on how to use a Facebook location tracker and IP address logger (easy) to find someone’s location on Facebook can be found below.

Facebook Location Tracker: Tracking Facebook Users

While there isn’t an exclusive Facebook location tracker tool available online, you can use smartphone tracking apps that come with built-in location tracking features. If you simply wish to find a friend’s location on Facebook and don’t mind them being aware of it, you can directly request them to share their location via Messenger’s live location sharing feature.

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To track a Facebook account, we will be using a popular tracking and monitoring app called mSpy. It is used to track various activities on smartphones, like calls, text messages, social media accounts, GPS locations, and much more, including Facebook user’s locations.

Note: The tracking app (mSpy) can be installed on your target user’s smartphone remotely or by having physical access to the device.

Here are the steps to find someone’s location on Facebook using the Facebook location tracker feature of mSpy:

  1. Go to the official mSpy website, select a subscription plan that fits your needs, and complete the purchase. An email containing a set of instructions along with a unique download link will be sent to you.
  2. Access the email on the target user’s device whose location you wish to track, tap the provided download link, and proceed with installing the application. For remote installation, follow the guidelines detailed in the email.
  3. Initiate the application and comply with the prompts to finalize the setup process. This will require inputting the registration code that was sent to your email.
  4. From any web browser on your personal device, sign in to your mSpy control panel to start tracking the location on the target device.

This way you can keep a track on Facebook user’s location along with other activities they do on their smartphone. Read how phone tapping works to find out how smartphone tracking apps work and how to make wise use of them.

IP Address Logger: Finding Location of Facebook Users

A suspicious girl using Facebook Location tracker on her Macbook to find friends location

In this approach, we send a specialized link directly to the user via Facebook Chat. Once the recipient clicks on the link, their IP address is logged, allowing us to ascertain their approximate geographical location. Throughout all these stages, the user remains unaware of the tracking activity, unless they become suspicious.

Here are the steps to using an IP address logger to find someone’s location on Facebook Chat:

  1. Go to Google and search for a funny picture or video that appeals to the target Facebook user whose location you’re trying to find out.
  2. Copy the link of the chosen image or video.
  3. Visit Grabify’s website, input the copied link into the appropriate field, and select ‘create URL’.
  4. You will get redirected to the ‘tracking and logs’ section, scroll to find, and then copy the ‘New URL’ provided.
  5. Share the newly generated link with the target user via Facebook Chat, and once they access it, you will be able to view their IP address, location, and additional information on your ‘tracking and logs’ page.

Note: Before sharing the newly generated link to your target user, make sure you use a URL shorter like Rebrandly or any newly launched/unpopular shortener service. This will help mask the tracking URL since it will have a default Grabify domain name in it.

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Some frequently asked questions regarding Facebook location tracking:

Does Facebook track your location?

Yes, Facebook can track your location through the Facebook app if you have given it permission to access your device’s location services.

How to trace an IP address from a Facebook profile?

Tracing an IP address from a Facebook profile directly is not possible due to privacy reasons. You can however trace an IP address from a Facebook profile using IP logger tool. For more, follow the steps discussed in this article.

How to locate someone on Facebook?

You can’t directly locate someone on Facebook unless they have shared their location with you via Messenger or in a post. However, you can see their general location based on the information they’ve shared on their profile.

Can you see someone’s location on Facebook?

You can only see someone’s location on Facebook if they have shared it with you directly or posted it publicly. Alternatively, you can take help of the tools discussed in this article to see someones location on Facebook without their concent.

How to find someone’s location on Facebook Chat?

The only legitimate way to find someone’s location through Facebook Chat is if they decide to share their live location with you directly in the conversation. If you want to find their location on Facebook Chat without their consent, follow the methods discussed in this article.

Is Facebook IP address tracker free?

There is no official Facebook IP address tracker. Any third-party tools claiming to offer this service may not be trustworthy, and it’s important to prioritize privacy and security when considering such tools.

How to trace a Facebook account location?

Tracing a Facebook account’s location without their consent is a violation of privacy. If you have a legitimate need to know someone’s location, it’s best to ask them directly or contact the proper legal authorities if necessary. Alternatively, you can follow the steps discussed in this article to trace Facebook account location.

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