mSpy Android App Now Supports Tinder Monitoring – Tinder Profile Tracker

A popular cell phone spy app called ‘mSpy’ now supports ‘Tinder profile tracking’ which allows you to track and spy on your partner’s or kids tinder profiles. The feature is available on mSpy’s premium Android app and will be available soon for iOS devices.

Tinder, which is an incredibly popular dating app among teenagers, presents you with pictures of complete strangers and you have to swipe left or right in order to show interest in them. If you get the right swipe back, your match is made, and you can begin your conversation.

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While its a really good way to find a partner with similar interests, not all the profiles listed on Tinder are genuine. A lot of pimps and other bad guys operate via Tinder. They are on a constant hunt to find their prey.

If you have a teenager, you have every right to protect him from unwilling conversations or bullying on social media, and Tinder has become a hot spot for this. mSpy helps safeguard your child from this.

Not only your kids, but you may also want to monitor or track your partner’s Tinder profile for possible infidelity. Although the moment you discover the tinder app on your partner’s cellphone, you can come to a conclusion, not always you will know that your partner is using tinder on their phone.

mSpy can look for this app usage and let you know remotely everything your partners have been doing in an online dashboard. Here is what you can get from the Tinder profile tracker feature:

Tinder profile tracker android app

Not only Tinder, mSpy is an all-in-one monitoring solution that can monitor and track most of the apps like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and more. It also monitors incoming and outgoing calls and SMS.

Tinder profile tracking is currently available only for Android phones. It will be released for iOS very soon. Visit mSpy for more information.

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