The Do’s and Don’ts of Building a TikTok Following

TikTok is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms, with more than a billion active users. It is perfect not just for showcasing your talent and trends, but businesses are widely using it as their ultimate marketing tool.

Going viral on TikTok requires many followers who can passionately watch and engage with your videos. There are plenty of strategies to increase followers, but not all of them can work effectively. We have listed some do’s and don’ts of developing a TikTok following to help you grow followers organically.

Do’s of Building TikTok Following

Building TikTok Following

1. Create high-quality and shareable content

    Remember, TikTok users always search for interesting, informative, and funny videos. So, create attractive and interactive content that hooks the viewers and encourages them to watch the whole video and share it with others.

    Use heart-grabbing audio and visual effects to capture the audience’s attention. You can also add some humor or storytelling to stand out from the crowd.

    2. Engage viewers within 2-3 seconds

    The user engagement on TikTok is growing rapidly, encouraging creators to experiment with more strategies to bring something more interesting for the audience.

    So, you must focus on drawing the viewers’ attention within the first 2-3 seconds. The first three seconds of TikTok videos are important, according to the Influencer Marketing Hub.

    3. Collaborate with popular influencers

    Influencer marketing is one of the tried-and-tested strategies to expand the audience reach and boost credibility. Identify your goals and expectations for partnering with influencers to make sure it aligns with your TikTok campaign strategy.

    Choose and collaborate with influencers who match your brand values and have a similar audience with a real following. Highlight the mutual benefits of collaboration to let influencers develop trust in you. Also, offer them the freedom to make content more interactive and genuine.

    4. Build trust and credibility

    According to Adobe’s Future of Marketing Research Series report, around 71% of surveyed consumers showed their trust in brands by purchasing more, recommending that customer confidence in any brand or company can boost sales.

    So, develop reliability with your content by offering a look at your product creation, packaging, business operations, and employees. You can add your city or nation to your content because TikTok will show videos made by users in the same locality.

    5. Be authentic

    Show your true self to the TikTok audience because users love to discover authentic content on the platform. If you believe that you have something to share with your audience, show or tell about it through your videos.

    Moreover, if you need help, you can ask your audience. Be open to accepting your mistakes and acknowledge the support of the audience.

    6. Show as much engagement as possible

    TikTok’s algorithm rewards creators for their engagement with the platform. So, keep engaging with your followers, collaborators, and other brands within your industry.

    The more comments, shares, and likes you receive, the more likely viewers will visit your profile and watch your videos. If they love your content, they are likely to follow your account and keep visiting there to discover more content.

    Don’ts of the TikTok Campaign for Developing Following

    Building TikTok Following

    1. Don’t ignore competitive research

    It is important to do thorough competitive research to find what is working and what is not working for competitors within your niche. Additionally, a competitive audit will help you determine what other industry personalities and influencers are executing to increase followers.

    2. Don’t generate irrelevant or uninteresting content

    Users will not be interested in following your account and watching your other videos if they find it boring or irrelevant. If they find your videos uninteresting in the initial 2-3 seconds, they will immediately scroll past them. So, make sure that your content is informative, entertaining, or pertinent to the target viewers.

    Don’t reuse content from other social media platforms, such as YouTube, without modifying it according to TikTok’s format and style. Avoid creating content that doesn’t align your intended audience, as it can result in a negative response and low engagement.

    3. Don’t use plenty of effects and filters

    Using TikTok filters and effects is good to enhance the appeal of the content, but using too many of them can affect your chances of going viral.

    Instead of using irrelevant and unappealing effects, use one at a time and apply them in short periods. The Bling is one of the most popular filters to make your content attractive.

    4. Don’t ignore trending sounds in TikTok ads

    It is good to add trending sounds to your TikTok ads because this platform heavily depends on sound. Embed an interesting soundtrack, ensuring it attracts the targeted audience. Instead of making your ad too promotional, create educational and entertaining content that finely promotes your brand.

    Never make the mistake of excessively highlighting the benefits of your products or services, as it can reduce engagement and distract viewers’ attention from your competitors.

    5. Don’t add your own music or sound to your videos

    Just like TikTok ads, you can include sound effects, music, or a song in your video. TikTok has a record of music or songs to use. Including them can benefit you with an increasing follower count, more views, and plenty of TikTok likes because viewers are more interested in watching videos featuring trending sounds or songs.

    However, be sure not to use them in your personal video, as TikTok will make it unavailable for copyright. You can use them in your TikTok videos in any order. Remember, using your own sounds can slow down the process of boosting followers, views, likes, and comments.

    6. Don’t post misleading or offensive content

    TikTok has a very positive environment with no space for trolls. So, never post any misleading content or leave negative comments on others’ posts. Users can easily identify the clickbait content.

    If you are considering influencer collaborations, choose a trusted influencer with a good reputation on the digital platform, especially TikTok. Also, check the credibility and authenticity of a selected influencer before collaborating with them.

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