How to See Someones Hidden Friends List on Facebook

Ideally, Facebook offers the best privacy settings options. However, it seems that some information cannot be completely hidden. Unfortunately, your friends list is one such piece of information. Even when the privacy option for the friends list is set to ‘ON’, making it appear hidden, it may not be entirely so.

Facebook allows you to set the visibility of your friends list to ‘Public’, ‘Friends’, and ‘Only Me’. Thus, the most private option you can select is ‘Only Me’, meaning your friends list is visible only to you. The issue arises because the people on your friends list and their friends can still see any mutual friends between you and them when they visit your timeline.

Here’s the catch: anyone on Facebook who has at least one mutual friend with you might be able to see a large portion of your supposedly hidden friends list, along with the mutual friends. This is achievable by modifying client requests after a lot of trial-and-error attempts, which can be time-consuming.

A Chrome extension called ‘Facebook Friends Mapper’ seeks to simplify this process. It utilizes the Mutual Friends feature of the social networking site to crawl and expose your hidden Facebook friends list.

The only requirement is that you must have at least one mutual friend with the Facebook user whose friends list you wish to reveal. It doesn’t matter whether you are directly friends with them or not. ‘Facebook Friends Mapper’ will try to uncover as much of the hidden friends list as possible, though it’s not always 100% successful.

How to See Hidden Friends on Facebook Mobile?

1. Open Chrome Web Browser: If you’re not already using Chrome, launch it on your mobile device. This step is crucial as the ‘Facebook Friends Mapper’ extension is compatible with Chrome.

2. Install the Facebook Friends Mapper Extension: Search for the ‘Facebook Friends Mapper’ extension in the Chrome web store and install it. After installation, it’s recommended to wait for a few moments, or better yet, restart your browser to ensure the extension is properly integrated.

3. Visit the Desired Facebook User’s Timeline: Navigate to the Facebook timeline of the user whose hidden friends you wish to see. Make sure you’re logged into your Facebook account.

4. Find the ‘Reveal Friends’ Option: On the user’s timeline, look for a new ‘Reveal Friends’ option within the Friends tab. This option becomes available thanks to the ‘Facebook Friends Mapper’ extension.

See Hidden Friends on Facebook

5. Initiate the Script by Clicking ‘Reveal Friends’: Once you click on ‘Reveal Friends’, the script provided by the Facebook Friends Mapper extension will begin its process. The duration it takes to reveal the hidden friends depends on the size of the friend’s list and your relationship with the user. Generally, it’s quicker if you’re friends with the person.

6. Review the Revealed Friends List: After the script finishes running, you’ll be able to see not just the hidden friends but also the categories they fall into, such as ‘regular friends’ and ‘close friends’.

Revealing Hidden Friends on Facebook

Remember, while this method can provide insights into someone’s hidden friends list, it’s essential to use it responsibly and respect others’ privacy.

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