Why Paypal Remains a Dominant Payment Option in iGaming

I know for a fact that internet payments can be risky. After all, I remember the days when I had to register a credit card on any website of my liking and hope for the best! I never got scammed before. It may be because I finally found a banking option that I trust and that is PayPal.

Many of us are somewhat familiar with PayPal’s origins. It’s impressive how it has become a preferred payment method in the iGaming industry. This is so much the case that some casinos specifically market themselves as PayPal casinos.

For instance, in the UK, you can find the best PayPal casinos UK, highlighting this e-wallet’s reputation as one of the top payment options available. This is mainly because this e-wallet is one of the best around!

Strong Points of PayPal as a Payment Option

PayPal in iGaming - PayPal logo on a smartphone screen

If I had to explain to somebody why PayPal is my favorite option for fast and easy transactions, I’d break this down into a few selling points.

1. Bulletproof Safety

It is true that PayPal has the best infrastructure when it comes to safety. For a gamer like me, this means that I can make payments on the platform without fearing that my banking details could be stolen. Even better, PayPal has recently introduced Two-Factor Authentication, making it virtually impossible to hack my account.

Safe as houses! PayPal services are available on my smartphone and my computer. The company prides itself on having a system where the user is instantly recognized by fingerprints and face identification. It feels a bit like science fiction, and I’m totally up for it!

2. PayPal Has a Big Network

PayPal started small in the US at the beginning of the century. One of its co-creators was Elon Musk—yes, the tech guru that everybody follows on X! His philosophy at the time still rings true to this day.

PayPal is now accepted in more than 200 countries, including the UK, where I reside. This also means that I can use PayPal in different countries. Yep, it saves me a lot of hassle, whether I want to book a hotel in Spain or engage in anything else that tickles my fancy, such as, you guessed it, casino games!

3. Fast and Affordable

Like most people, I don’t like to wait for things. PayPal is well-known for its quick transactions. Its powerful system can process many transactions per minute. Indeed, I have never had to wait more than a minute for my transactions to be completed.

PayPal also has a strong point in the fees department. First of all, there are no fees when I deposit money. It’s a relief for people like me who tend to put funds on websites to buy things and play on some platforms.

PayPal fees vary from country to country, but the UK fees are equivalent to 3% for each withdrawal. I don’t really mind much as long as my transaction is secure and as fast as lightning.

4. PayPal Supports Loads of Currencies

It’s a big world out there. Even though I’m staying true to the mighty English pound, I sometimes need to pay on a foreign website that accepts other currencies. I’m talking about the US dollar, of course, but also the Brazilian real, the Japanese yen, and so much more.

PayPal, as a very strict and trusted institution, doesn’t dabble in cryptocurrencies yet. Well, it is not possible for someone in Europe to buy and sell cryptos from their PayPal wallet. However, they are making progress in the crypto department. As I recall, they even invented their own stablecoin (PYUSD), which is available on the American market.

5. PayPal Is Mobile Friendly

Historically, PayPal services were only available on computers. Those were the days when I had a very slow router. Everything took ages to finalize! Now that we have entered the mobile age, I find it very convenient to use my smartphone for every transaction.

In my opinion, the PayPal app is a textbook example of technology done right. You can access the app with your fingertip, see your funds clearly, and make transactions in the blink of an eye. What does this mean for a tech-head like me? PayPal is probably my go-to app when I want to pay and send money very quickly and conveniently.

Disadvantages of Using PayPal

I know that every rose has thorns. However, PayPal doesn’t have a very long list of drawbacks, which are:

  1. Exaggerated Safety: Yep, I’ve always found that PayPal’s safety measures were a bit over the top. You would say the same thing if you had to change your password every six months. However, it just proves that the company is dead-set on security, and I quite enjoy that.
  2. Slow Verification Process: I’ve mentioned it before, but patience isn’t exactly my strongest point. I had to wait for three days when PayPal verified my account. Although this waiting time might vary depending on the region, it was just time wasted from my precious gaming session. A sad affair, I know!

Wrapping up, PayPal’s dominance in the iGaming industry was built on its reputation. After all, I began using it as soon as I realized its advantages. PayPal has become my number one choice because of its benefits, and I am pretty sure other players think the same way.

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