Path of Exile 3.24 Loot Filters for Enhancing Your Gaming Experience

Path of Exile has seen a new League launch named Necropolis and, with it, new League mechanics, a new crafting system, new Uniques, and other items to chase. With the League reset applied to all characters, players will be back into the gearing phase to try and climb the refreshed leaderboards.

In the PoE trade, loot filters are the lifelines for all players to aid in sifting through trash for the best items. For players wanting to try out new builds or just getting back into the game after a while, this article will list down the best loot filters to help you gear better for the new endgame Tier 17 maps.

These loot filters have been handpicked by the PoE community, so trust these filters to help get you by.

Best Path of Exile Loot Filters

Path of exile loot filter

NeverSink 0-6 Softcore to UberStrict Plus Loot Filter

NeverSink’s filters are the best loot filters in Path of Exile right now. Many of their loot filters are adjusted for new Leagues and the current economy on servers and are still maintained to this day. NeverSink can be adjusted based on your preference, whether you want to see everything that drops, rares only, rares with the highest affixes, or just the most expensive items that drop.

You can also make PoE currency like Exalted Orbs and Divine Orbs always appear in the filter. You can even adjust these for Softcore, Hardcore, and even Ruthless mode.

You can access NeverSink’s filters from the FilterBlade website, which provides an easy and accessible interface for importing them into your game. 

Tytykiller’s AAAA Melee, Ranged, and Caster Loot Filter

These loot filters are simpler in design as they are made to filter out weapons that do not belong to your “class.” You can easily select to filter out either melee, ranged, or scepters to better adjust for the build you’re going for.

While there are no traditional classes in PoE, it’s still better to stick to a weapon type based on the character you selected. Take note that this filter also hides low-value currency items like shards, fragments, and scrolls. 

Pohx’s RF Campaign to Endgame Filter

If you make new characters for different builds frequently, the RF Campaign loot filter is the best for you. This filter provides you with the best items that scale to your character and area level as you progress through the game’s main campaign.

If you reach the Atlas, you can use the Endgame version of the filter to better see more valuable items like Exalted Orbs. 

Why You Should Get A Loot Filter

Path of Exile drops a lot of loot, from Common gear up to Unique items. 80% of the time, regular mobs will frequently drop low-end gear that has bas affixes and other stat values, which are practically useless for most players.

After a major encounter in PoE, whether by doing a League mechanic or clearing a map, your screen will be flooded by trash items that serve no use to you. But a loot filter will clean your screen and display only items that are of value to you, like higher-rarity currency items or rares with the best affixes and values.

These loot filters can be fine-tuned to work with your build and will increase your quality of life in gearing up for high-tier Atlas maps. 

How to Install & Apply Loot Filters

After you select a loot filter that is right for your style, download the files that have a “.filter” extension. Download these and go to the “My Documents” folder. Then, open the “My Games” folder and go right into the “Path of Exile” folder. Copy all the contents of the loot filter folder and paste them into the Path of Exile folder.

To apply a loot filter in-game, simply navigate your way into the Settings menu and then the UI settings. Find a drop-down menu called “List of Item Filters” and click it to select the filters you’ve placed in your game folder. Once you’ve selected the filter of your choice, hit “Save” and enjoy your new filter.


What is a loot filter in Path of Exile?

A loot filter in Path of Exile (PoE) helps players by highlighting valuable items and hiding less useful ones. This makes it easier to see and pick up important loot while playing.

Can I customize my loot filter?

Yes, many loot filters, like NeverSink’s, offer customization options. You can adjust what items you see based on your preferences and playing style.

Are loot filters updated for each PoE league?

Yes, popular loot filters are often updated to match new league content, items, and the changing game economy. It’s a good idea to check for updates at the start of each league.

What makes a good loot filter for beginners?

A good loot filter for beginners is one that shows a wide variety of items but still filters out low-value gear. This helps new players understand item values while keeping their screen clear.

Can I use multiple loot filters?

You can have multiple loot filters installed, but you can only use one at a time while playing. You can switch between them in the game’s UI settings.

How do loot filters work with new items or uniques?

Loot filters can be set to always show new or unique items, making sure you don’t miss out on potential upgrades or valuable drops.

Do loot filters affect game performance?

No, loot filters do not impact your game’s performance. They only change how items are displayed on your screen.

Where can I find more loot filters?

Besides the ones mentioned, you can find more loot filters on the Path of Exile forums, community websites, and through content creators who often share their custom filters.

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