How OCR Technology Improves Business Efficiency

OCR (Optical Character Recognition) is used nowadays in the form of different conversion tools. PDF-to-text convertors and image-to-text converters are some of the prime examples of OCR applications.

Like a lot of other technological elements, OCR has also made a positive impact on the overall running of businesses.

There are different processes that it has made easier, and there are different challenges that it has helped businesses overcome.

Let’s take a look at some of those.

What are Some Benefits of OCR for Business Efficiency?

How OCR Technology Improves Business Efficiency

Here are some of the ways in which OCR can be good for your business’s efficiency.

1. Better Data Entry

Data entry is an integral part of pretty much every business. In the roughest of definitions, data entry is the job that involves analyzing and entering data into a pre-made system for the purpose of record keeping.

To get an idea of just how data entry is made easier by OCR technology, think of a scenario.

There can be times when a data entry clerk may have to look at images (be they digital or physical) and then note down the data provided in them. The normal way that one would do this is to simply jot down the data by hand by constantly looking at the images.

However, this can take up a lot of time, and it can also result in some sort of inaccuracy/incompletion due to human error.

However, by using OCR technology in the form of image extraction tools, the data entry clerk will be able to do their work considerably quicker and save a lot of time. To convert image to text, minimal input from the user is required.

2. Cost Savings

This is another benefit of OCR for the efficiency of a business. Using an OCR tool, a data entry clerk will be able to do the work of about half a dozen manual workers in the same time.

That would mean that the business in question won’t have to spend as much of its money hiring data entry specialists and handling their benefits, etc.

This can enable the business to save money and spend it on some other lucrative venture.

3. Better Security and Shareability of Files

By using OCR technology, a business can convert image to text i.e. its hard-form files and documents into digital form. A thick and dusty ledger can be converted to a multi-page PDF file, whereas a smaller document can take the form of an image, etc.

This can have many benefits for the overall efficiency of a business. Firstly, digital files can be a lot more secure than their physical counterparts since they are not susceptible to physical damage or misplacement.

Should a hard-form document get damaged or misplaced, it can disrupt the working of the business (quite severely, if the document happens to be important). However, this issue does not exist with digital files.

Secondly, digital files can be better for the efficiency of the business since they are a lot easier to share than hard-form documents. An exchange that would usually take the form of a mailed parcel or a hand-to-hand passing of a document can be simply executed digitally with a few clicks.

How to Effectively Use OCR for Your Business?

While there are a lot of benefits in using OCR, you can only get them if you are careful about the tool you use. If you’re in the legal field, for example, an attorney document comparison tool can be invaluable. But regardless of the tool, if you pick a slow and clunky one that gives inaccurate results, you won’t improve your business efficiency. Rather, you’ll damage it.

Other than this, there are a couple of other tips that you can abide by as well. Before we give this post the wrap, let’s look at some of those:

  1. When choosing your tool, take care to pick a reliable one. Other than the performance and available features, you should also look at the privacy policy to make sure that your data will not be unscrupulously used.
  2. The images that you enter in the tool should be clear and coherent. If there are any physical documents that you have to take pictures of, you should take care to do it in a well-lit area.
  3. Once the tool extracts the text from the image, you should always check the output to see if there are any errors in there or not.

In conclusion, OCR technology can be a great way to boost the overall efficiency and productivity of your business. If you haven’t already adopted it in your business tasks and are not sure how, we hope the above post helped you out.

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