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Meta has introduced its new standalone social media platform, Threads, in an attempt to compete with Twitter. This app operates on Instagram’s established account system, allowing individuals to engage in public conversations, post text updates, share links, and respond to or report messages.

Threads bears a resemblance to Instagram in its functionality, enabling users to establish connections with friends and creators, including those they already follow on Instagram. The platform was made available across more than 100 countries for users of both iOS and Android devices.

On Threads, users will see a feed composed of posts by those they follow, along with some recommended content. Each post can accommodate up to 500 characters, and incorporate links, images, and videos of up to five minutes in duration. Posts on Threads can also be shared on a user’s Instagram story or as a link on other platforms.

The platform ensures user control, allowing them to decide who can mention them or respond within Threads. Similar to Instagram, users can utilize hidden words to filter out undesired responses.

Users also have the option to manage their interactions by unfollowing, blocking, restricting, or reporting profiles on Threads. It’s important to note that any account blocked on Instagram will be automatically blocked on Threads, further enhancing user safety and experience.

How to use Instagram Threads App?

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  1. Begin by downloading the Threads app onto your mobile device.
  2. Log in using your existing Instagram account credentials.
  3. Your Instagram username and verification status will be automatically transferred to Threads, but you’ll have the option to customize your profile if desired.
  4. For younger users, those under 16 (or under 18 in some regions), the platform will automatically assign a private profile upon joining Threads to ensure privacy and safety.
  5. After setting up, you can opt to follow the same accounts you’re connected with on Instagram, as well as discover and follow new users.
  6. To engage with others, you can upload text messages, threads, or images on the platform.
  7. Threads also provides accessibility features initially available on Instagram. These include screen reader support and AI-generated image descriptions to aid visually impaired users, ensuring the platform is accessible to as many users as possible.

Tips and Tricks related to Instagram Threads

How to access Threads on desktop?

To visit the Instagram Threads website on your desktop, navigate to However, be aware that as of now, there’s no option to log into your account via the website.

The current scope of the Instagram Threads website is confined to the viewing and reading of posts. To engage with content, such as liking, replying, or posting, you must use the Instagram Threads app.

To read posts on the website, simply append the username of the individual to the end of the link, following the format:

Keep in mind that the website only allows you to view posts from users with public profiles. Posts from individuals who have chosen to have private profiles will not be accessible via the Threads website.

How to change DP on Threads App?

Open the Threads app. At the bottom of your screen, you will see a menu. Navigate to the ‘Profile’ section, identifiable by an icon resembling a person.

Once in your profile, find and tap the ‘Edit Profile’ button.
In this new menu, you’ll find your profile picture. If you haven’t added a profile picture before, it will display as an icon of a person with a plus symbol next to it.

If you’d like your Threads profile picture to mirror your Instagram profile picture, select the ‘import from Instagram’ option. If you prefer a different picture, opt for ‘select from your library’.

From your phone’s library, choose a new profile picture.
After selecting a new picture, you will be given the option to crop it. Once you’re satisfied with the size and placement, tap ‘Choose’.

Review your changes and if you’re pleased with your new profile picture, tap ‘Done’. This will save your new profile picture on Threads.

How to block someone on Threads?

On Threads, you have the ability to manage your interactions by unfollowing, blocking, restricting, or reporting profiles. This can be done by tapping the three-dot menu on a user’s profile.

Also, any profiles that you’ve previously blocked on Instagram will be automatically blocked on Threads for your convenience and security.

How to edit Threads post or comment?

Currently, there is no way to edit any post or comment on Threads. However, we can only anticipate that this feature or a hack will be available soon, similar to Twitter.

How to download Threads videos?

Launch the Threads app and explore the app to find the video you wish to download and Tap on the post with video to open it. Next, Copy the post URL from the share button within the Threads app.

Visit site and paste the video URL into the text field. Click the “Submit” button and select your desired video quality or format to download (The video will start downloading on your device).

How to view blocked profile on Threads?

There are several methods available to view a blocked profile on Threads. One such method is to sign out from the Threads account on the current device, then sign back in using a different device from the one used to create the profile. This approach should grant users access to view the blocked profile.

Alternatively, users can also search for the blocked profile’s username on a search engine. Typically, the search results will display the blocked profile’s page, regardless of its blocked status on the Threads platform.

Is there a way to transfer your Instagram Followers to Threads App?

Currently, Threads does not offer the capability to transfer, migrate, or import your followers from Instagram. This feature was absent at the time of the app’s release.

Many users had anticipated an integrated feature that would enable the connection of their Instagram account to Threads, allowing for the effortless transfer of Instagram followers to the new platform. However, the lack of this feature during the launch has resulted in some disappointment within the user community.

How to get more followers on Threads?

One of the most effective strategies to gain your initial followers on Threads is to follow the contacts from your Instagram list. Once these individuals join the new app, they’ll receive a notification and are likely to either reciprocate by following you back or automatically join your follower list if they opt to follow their Instagram contacts on Threads. Depending on your Instagram influence, this method could garner you a few to several thousand followers. Thus, if you’ve already amassed a substantial follower count on Instagram, it’s crucial not to overlook this step.

Alternatively, make an effort to interact with posts from your followers and those you’re following. This proactive engagement can boost your account’s visibility, transforming those views into potential followers.

How to check who unfollowed you on Threads App?

You can track who has unfollowed you on Threads, using two ways – manually or use a third-party tools. It may not always be practicable to go for the manual method. If you have many followers, it may not be easy to find out who unfollowed you by this method.

As of now, there are no third-party tools to track who unfollowed you on Threads. Yet, as the platform continues to expand, we can anticipate the development of such tools in the near future.

Does Threads Notify When You Screenshot?

No. Threads does not send notifications for screenshots of replies, comments, posts, messages, or any other content on the app.

How private is Instagram Threads?

There are privacy concerns associated with Instagram’s Threads app. Information in the app’s listing on the App Store reveals an extensive list of permissions that users must grant, including access to their financial information and other sensitive data.

Given Meta’s history as the rebranded Facebook, which has previously been embroiled in numerous scandals and controversies, it is a significant ask for users to trust the app with such a vast amount of their personal information.

In conclusion, Meta’s new social media platform, Threads, comes with an array of features designed to enhance social interactions while building on Instagram’s existing framework. It provides opportunities for users to share text, images, and videos, engage with followers and discover new content. However, it’s important to remember the privacy considerations associated with the app, given the permissions it requires.

Navigating Threads is straightforward; from changing your display picture to managing your interactions with others. Although transferring followers directly from Instagram is not currently possible, there are strategic ways to grow your followers list on Threads, such as following your Instagram contacts and engaging actively with content.

As the platform is new, some features like tracking who unfollowed you are not yet available, but we can expect further enhancements and third-party tools as Threads continues to grow. Through a combination of strategic engagement, personalization of profiles, and conscientious use of the app’s features, users can optimize their Threads experience.

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