How to recover lost password of Memory Card (MMC, micro SD)?

I believe you have already tried generic/default passwords for MMC/Micro-SD like: 1234, 12345, or 0000. The lock screen appears only when you insert your card into different mobile other than 1st mobile you inserted your card.

It should work great in its 1st mobile. From your 1st mobile you can easily backup photos, videos, images and other data from SD-card/MMC.

Some times it happens that you forgot the password of your memory card (micro SD, MMC) and you have all of your important data in it. You tried all the methods/software listed on the web to recover your password but Nothing works! Right?

Today I am going to show you how you can recover the lost password of your memory card with the help of Nokia phone (The only method to recover lost password of your SD card).

How to recover lost password of Memory Card (MMC, micro SD)?

Please note that Sometimes if you have had any locking app on your mobile phone like “cell tracker”, or “lost mobile recovery”, try all the passwords which you had used in this locking app.

It is possible that this locking app used the same password to lock your Micro-SD card or MMC. Default passwords are: lockmyphone, password, 123456, 12345, 000000, 00000, etc.

Nevertheless if nothing works, follow the below password recover method using Nokia Phone

For this Micro SD card password recovery method you will need s60 Nokia phone (eg: 6600, 6610, N70,N73,E63,E71,N95) having MMC or Micro-SD card slot. If you want to recover MMC password, then you will have to get Nokia phone that supports MMC slot only.

If its about Micro-SD card, you may get any s60 Nokia phone as you wish. I think only few s60 phones have micro-SD slots. So you got to get a MMC adapter (costs around Rs.50) if you want to recover Micro-SD card password. Put your micro-SD card in it and insert the MMC in your phone.

If you don’t have access to s60 mobile then you consider buying one used mobile from eBay or Amazon, if you have precious data in the locked micro-sd card or MMC.

From your Nokia mobile goto and download ‘Fileexplorer‘ software for your Nokia phones software version and Install it. After installing follow the below steps.

Steps in recovery of Micro-SD card password:

  1. Open FExplorer and access the c: drive. 
  2. There you will find a file named ‘mmcstore’.
  3. Rename the file to ‘mmcstore.txt’.
  4. Click on this file, The file will open in notepad.
  5. You will get your password written in the notepad file.

There is No way to Recover forgotten password of your memory card other than this one. There are numerous websites claiming made-up fake software’s to recover password of Micro-SD Card, Stay away from such websites.

If this method doesn’t help you then there is no way you can recover your lost password unless you yourself miraculously remember it. Period.

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