How to Hire Remote Software Developers: 5 Strategies for Success

Remote work can be just as productive and fulfilling as an on-site job. In most cases, hiring a remote team seems better than hiring on-site workers. This is very true when we look at what happened during the pandemic.

Therefore, it is an excellent decision if you want to hire a remote software developer. Knowing how to hire remote developers is an essential skill that requires an organized process. We have asked top professionals, and they have given us the strategies to get the best hands.

In this article, we will share those strategies with you!

Who is a Remote Software Developer?

Remote employees interact with the team virtually. Unlike office employees, they do not need to be physically present in the office environment.

Remote software developers may be from other countries and may not even need to know the employer to carry out their duties and get paid.

Who is a Remote Developer

This type of arrangement is mainly associated with freelancers. However, any full-time employee can work remotely. 

When setting out to hire a remote software developer, you should keep in mind that they are a full-fledged team member and are only different from the in-house developer because of geographical location. 

How To Hire Remote Software Developers: A Step-by-step Guide

You need to know a few things when you set out to find remote developers. Below is an ultimate guide to finding and recruiting your next remote software developer:

Step #1 

Start by defining the development needs. Then, set goals and priorities.

You need to understand why you want to hire a remote software developer team. Tell them your requests in a defined manner and establish long and short-term goals.

Putting all of this together would help you make a better decision when you finally decide to hire a remote developer. 

Step #2

The second step is to understand the position and define your ideal candidate. This would help you screen those you think fit into the role properly.

Also, it would help the incoming remote software developer understand what is required of him.

So, be clear about your expectations and adequately set your search parameters. You need to decide what you want to be done and then think about who you need to hire when looking for remote developers for hire. 

Furthermore, understanding the position will help you to narrow down your search. This would make your search more targeted when you hire a remote development team. 

Step #3 

Here, you have to look into different hiring options. Use all the possible avenues to do this. Some of them are remote job portals and the freelance market. You can also create a job ad and post it on relevant hiring platforms.

As an alternative, ask for referrals and attend tech conferences. At those conferences, you will have the opportunity to meet many potential candidates looking for remote jobs.

Step #4

You will most likely find suitable candidates if you have gotten to this step. Now that you have seen them, the next step is interviewing them.

How to Hire Remote Developers

The interview will help you rank them from the best to the least desirable. You must evaluate each of the candidates using several steps.

So, set up an interview process by conducting a first and technical screening. This would help you determine their soft and hard skills levels. After deciding on their soft and hard skills, you can conduct the final interview. 

Step #5

After the candidate of your choice passes the final interview, it is time to make an offer. You need to discuss all the terms of cooperation with the candidate you have chosen.

When you come to a compromise that is suitable to both you and the candidate, make a formal offer. When you have decided on your specialist, don’t forget to contact all the other candidates and share feedback.

Where to Find Remote Software Developers

If you are hiring remote software developers for the first time, it is understandable for you not to know where to find them. Take a look at some of the most popular developer hiring platforms:

1. Toptal

Toptal is an excellent platform for you to find remote professionals in the software development industry.

It is a great platform filled with elite freelancers that have been handpicked because of their professional competence.

Toptal best developers node javascript angular

The project representatives stated that only three percent of the candidates were interviewed. This means that you will find only the best on the platform. 

2. Upwork 

This is another top-rated site amongst freelancers. Upwork is an international freelance exchange used by customers all over the world. They pride themselves on being the world’s biggest platform which gives companies skilled professionals.

Upwork positions itself as being a marketplace for you to find people you can work with. They offer three options when you wish to hire a candidate. The three options are Talent marketplace, Project catalog, and Talent scout. 

One of the critical benefits of Upwork is the proof of quality, no-cost hiring, and safety.

The platform offers candidates in design, development and IT, creatives, writing, sales and marketing, writing, administration, support, and more.

3. Freelancer 

Freelancer is arguably the world’s largest freelance website. It allows you to hire the best remote specialist for most jobs. It has its place as a resource with a large pool of efficient freelancers all over the globe.

The platform has roughly fifty million freelancers for you to choose from. 

On the platform, you will be able to see the browsing portfolios of the candidates and samples of jobs they have done before.

Immediately after you post your project, you will begin to receive messages from specialists, leaving you with a plethora of choices. 

Another way to look for freelancers is to search for freelance gigs that are offering services that you want, for example, if you are looking for mobile app designers, you can go to freelance sites mentioned above or go to and browse through gigs that include mobile app design services in the titles.

Once you find the gigs, you can go to their profiles and contact them directly and ask about their services.

Remember, on any freelance service aggregator’s website, it is against their terms to contact the freelancer outside of their platform, so you need to be very careful when you are trying to get their contact.

Wrapping Up

Today, the role of remote developers has become crucial. Many companies are cutting costs by hiring remote workers.

To keep up, you must learn how to hire remote developers. Excitedly, we have discussed the best ways to hire developers here! 

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