mSpy Hot Offer: Try this Ultimate Monitoring App for Free

Dear reader, you can now experience the revolutionary smartphone and desktop monitoring app “mSpy” free of charge for 7 days.

This exclusive trial offer was launched a few days ago and we strongly recommend you take advantage of it. You can download the app and try it before you buy it.

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The mSpy app allows you to monitor smartphones and record everything that takes place on them, like sending or receiving messages or emails, Messenger app activities, and a few other things remotely.

Along with cell phone monitoring features, it also has a module to monitor a PC or Mac. It can easily track and control activity on computers remotely.

Download mSpy phone tracking app

The mSpy Phone app features:

  • Manage Calls: view all incoming and outgoing calls with their duration and timestamp.
  • Track text messages: read all text and multimedia messages sent or received by the target phone user.
  • Read emails: Read and manage Incoming and Outgoing Emails
  • Track GPS Location: mSpy can be set up to track the GPS location of your target phone.
  • Track Internet Usage: View all URLs visited by the user in the cell phone browser.
  • Read Instant Messages: view messages sent and received by the target user on popular messengers like Skype, WhatsApp, iMessage, and Viber. It also supports Tinder profile tracking.
  • Control Apps and Programs: Determine what apps and programs the target phone can access.

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mSpy Desktop App features:

  • Keylogging: mSpy lets you check every keystroke typed by the user, even if it is immediately deleted.
  • Capture Screenshots: mSpy automatically takes screenshots of the desktop so you can see what the user has been up to.
  • Track Application Use: Take a closer look at the programs and applications that are being used on the target computer.
  • Web Mailer: Web Mailer allows getting comprehensive information about all letters opened on the target device in Firefox, Chrome, IE and Safari browsers.
  • Skype Monitoring: Gather data from the user’s Skype account so you can stay fully informed of goings-on at home and at work.

If these features sound amazing to you, then go ahead and take advantage of this free trial offer.

Goto: mSpy Trial offer!

[ * ] You will need a valid credit card or Paypal account to take advantage of the trial offer. You can cancel your subscription anytime within 7 days if you do not like the app.

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