CS:GO Best Combination – AWP | Atheris + Hedge Maze

Nowadays, we are witnessing how several generations have grown up playing CS:GO. This is not a coincidence, because this legendary game has become one of the best, if not the best, shooters of all time.

Several years ago, the game reached a new record in popularity, as about a million gamers worldwide were playing CS:GO simultaneously.

The side effect of such popularity is the large-scale in-game economy, where everyone can exchange skins or trade them at favorable prices.

One of the best classic combinations for AWP is considered to be the Atheris weapon skin and Hedge Maze gloves. Let’s have a closer look at this incredible match in this article.

CSGO Best Gear Combination

AWP | Atheris — A Pretty Insane-Looking Skin

Numerous CS:GO AWP fans get their hands on the awp atheris skin, with its amazing design and charming print.

Atheris is definitely a pretty insane-looking skin. Even the Well-Worn version looks really nice, and doesn’t have too many scratches on it.

AWP Atheris — A Pretty Insane-Looking Skin

The blue and green colors on the black background match really well, and there are some pretty exciting sticker combos that you can use with this skin.

In fact, you only see the snake pattern on it and the rest of the weapon is pretty much classic.

So, this is probably one of the best-looking off-purple skins in the game and we highly recommend checking it out. Now, let’s check the prices depending on the exterior:

  • Factory New (+StatTrack) — $29;
  • Factory New — $10;
  • Minimal Wear (+StatTrack) — $13;
  • Minimal Wear — $4.50;
  • Field-Tested — $2.30;
  • Well-Worn (+StatTrack) — $5.50;
  • Well-Worn — $2.

Now, let’s move on to the gloves we consider to match this incredible skin best.

Hedge Maze Gloves — Are They a Nice Match?

You instantly realize that they’re a perfect match once you try on these gloves and hold your AWP | Atheris.

Hedge Maze Gloves — Are They a Nice Match

Indeed, the grassy green color of the gloves combined with the white leather looks pretty awesome.

Besides, it perfectly matches the design of the Atheris skin, as though they are two pieces from a single box.

Hedge Maze gloves can be used by both Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists. To add this item to your collection, you just need to find it in one of the cases (Glove, Operation Hydra or Clutch) or purchase it on the marketplace. Here are the approximate prices:

  • Factory New — $11,350;
  • Minimal Wear — $6,420;
  • Well-Worn — $1,660;
  • Battle-Scarred — $680.

The purchase of these gloves can be considered a nice investment, as this item belongs to the Extraordinary class, meaning its price will remain high for a long time.

Therefore, you will be able to sell it as soon as you don’t need it anymore.

In general, the above-mentioned combination of skins gives your rivals clarity that you are not a regular player, but one who really enjoys the time spent in the game.

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