Best Cell Phone Spy App for iPhone and Android: Record Calls, Chats, etc.

Disclaimer: It is illegal to install spy apps on devices you do not own. This app is intended for tracking devices that you own or have the right to monitor.

Smartphones allow us to be more connected than ever, but there are times when that may not be a good thing.

Whether you are a business owner that wants to make sure employees are staying on task, a spouse worried about your relationship, or a parent wanting to keep an eye on your children, a good cell phone tracking app will help you monitor your loved ones and protect them from unwanted troubles.

There are dozens of phone tracking apps available, both for Android phones and iPhones. Among these sophisticated tracking apps, if you ask me to choose one that stands out from the rest, I would pick the mSpy tracking tool as my favorite.

Get mSpy Tracker App

mSpy is a leading “cell phone tracker” app that lets you see where people travel and what they are doing on their cell phones. The feature that really makes this app unique is its ability to track and record messages and chats from instant messaging apps like WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, Telegram, Tinder and many more.

As discussed in my last post on “how to tap a cell phone“, for citizens like me and you, cell phone interception is not possible without an app being installed on the target phone. So to be able to track anyone remotely, you need to have a tracking app installed on the phone that you want to track.

What can mSpy can do and why choose mSpy?

With the ability to track any type of iPhone or Android device, mSpy is the best “cell phone tracker” app for watching over your kids, making sure your partner is being faithful, and keeping track of employees in your office.

Without requiring an iPhone to be ‘jail-broken’ like many other tracking apps, you can easily track where someone is and see what they are saying to others as it happens.

Best Cell Phone Spy App for iPhone and Android: Record Calls, Chats, etc.

Inside your mSpy control panel you will be able to see everything about your tracked cell phone. Here are the features and what you will see in your control panel:

1. Tracking and blocking phone calls

Get complete call log for both incoming and outgoing calls that includes: time, call duration, number of calls made, name or number of caller, etc. With mSpy, you can also restrict incoming calls from any predefined number on the monitored device. i.e., you can block phone calls from all unwanted numbers.

2. Monitoring text messages and emails

Get complete email and text messaging history on monitored devices (Gmail for Android and iOS, as well as the Mail App for iOS). The log includes content from all incoming and outgoing emails and text messages, as well as sender and recipient information.

3. Keylogging feature

mSpy’s keylogger allows you to view all text entered on a monitored cell phone. You can see all keyboard strokes made on the monitored phone remotely from your control panel.

  • Tracking GPS location and geo-fencing:
    Easily monitor the location of your tracked cell phone and see its whereabouts on a detailed map. Identify their location even when regular GPS is unavailable. The geo-fencing feature lets you set a virtual barrier so that when a device enters the defined boundaries, you receive a notification.
  • Tracking instant messenger apps:
    mSpy supports all popular instant messenger apps and allows you to monitor all the chats and activity without jailbreaking or rooting the cell phone.
  • Monitor internet usage:
    Browse through websites visited, bookmarks, WiFi networks connected, and keyword alerts. You can also block websites you don’t want your kids or employees to visit.
  • Access and control apps:
    Access calendar entries and the address book in your control panel. Monitor newly downloaded apps and have full control over them. Choose to allow or block any phone application you deem harmful to your kids or business.
  • Access all multimedia content (photos and videos):
    Inside the mSpy control panel, you can view all photos and videos taken and stored on a monitored device. Also tracks Instagram photos and activities like photos liked by the target user, his comments, and tagged photos.
  • Remotely control the target cell phone:
    With powerful remote control in your Control Panel, you can remotely wipe out the device or lock it with a lockout command. This feature is really useful in case your target phone gets stolen.

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How Cell Phone Spy App can Help You?

1. Keeps Your Children Safe

Children may not be aware of the dangers they are facing in the world. Predators use apps to communicate with kids, websites are filled with content unsuitable for children, and there are even children who use the internet as a way to cyberbully.

With a cell phone tracker app like mSpy, you can keep track of where your kids are going and what they are doing on their phones. That means you are aware of who they are texting, which sites they are browsing, and where they are going after school so you can keep them safe.

2. Peace of Mind in Your Relationship

No relationship is perfect and it can be extremely stressful when you care for someone but are not sure if you can trust them. If you are worried about your husband, wife, girlfriend, or boyfriend and want peace of mind, mSpy allows you to see if they are talking to other people behind your back.

This “cell phone tracker” app also lets you see where they are traveling so you know if they are taking side trips to see other people.

From seeing emails to instant messages or chat programs, you will know if the person you are committing your life to is being honest with you. With this tracker app, you will have peace of mind knowing exactly what your partner does on their phone and where they go.

3. Keeps an Eye on Employees

As a business owner, making sure that your employees are staying on task is important. Unfortunately, many workers use their iPhone or Android device to browse the web or chat instead of doing the work you are paying them for.

mSpy is a “cell phone tracker” app that not only lets you know where your employees are going but also keeps track of what they use their device for. This can also help prevent employees from engaging in corporate espionage and make sure they are not talking to other companies about your products, services, or sensitive information.

So, if you are in need of a spy or tracking app, click here to get mSpy.

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