Jagex Releases Official Statement Regarding Bot Bans in OSRS

Old School RuneScape has long been a vibrant and engaging world for gamers around the globe, offering adventures, battles, and a deep sense of community. However, like any online game of significant popularity, it faces challenges, notably the presence of bots.

Jagex, the developer behind OSRS, has recently provided insights into their ongoing battle against botting and gold farming, particularly in the context of their latest game updates.

This discussion comes at a critical time as the community anticipates the release of new content, including the much-discussed Undead Pirates update.

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The Eternal Battle Against Bots

Jagex acknowledges the complexity and persistence of botting within OSRS. The introduction of bots is as rapid as their removal, representing an ongoing arms race that the developer is committed to winning.

Bots are not a simple nuisance; they are a significant issue, with hundreds, even thousands, of cheaters targeting the game. These cheaters range from lone wolves to organized groups, aiming to exploit the game’s mechanics for unearned gain.

The response from Jagex is complicated, involving a cross-team effort that spans the Anti-Cheating Team (ACT), game technology, data science, and legal takedowns. This comprehensive approach underscores the seriousness with which Jagex is tackling the issue. The team is continuously enhancing its anti-cheating capabilities and removal processes, aiming to stay one step ahead of the bot creators, gold sellers, and unauthorized providers of OSRS accounts for sale.

Balancing Content Updates and Anti-Bot Measures

A question that often arises within the community is the rationale behind updating content that benefits bot and gold farmers. Jagex’s stance is clear: the goal is to enhance the player experience without compromising the integrity of the game.

The development team is deeply passionate about OSRS and strives to deliver meaningful updates that resonate with the entire player base, not just a subset.

Despite the challenges, Jagex remains committed to providing content updates that cater to all players, including those interested in PvP, an area historically underserved. The positive feedback received from the community on these updates reinforces Jagex’s belief in their approach and their responsibility to continue delivering content that meets the players’ needs.

Looking ahead, Jagex is not standing still in its fight against bots. The team is actively working on larger initiatives to tackle botting more effectively. While specific details are yet to be shared, the commitment to addressing this issue is evident. The developer promises to offer more information on these initiatives, signaling an ongoing dedication to enhancing game integrity.

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Ban Statistics

The sheer scale of Jagex’s efforts is illuminated by the staggering number of bans enacted to protect the game’s ecosystem. Over the past year, over 6.9 million accounts have faced bans, with a weekly average of 67,000 accounts removed from OSRS alone in 2024.

Notably, a significant portion of these bans target accounts involved in botting activities around popular boss-related content, with approximately 2,800 such bans issued each week.

These actions not only disrupt the botting community but also preserve the game’s economy by removing upwards of 900 billion OSRS GP from OSRS weekly, a testament to the impact of these measures on curbing inflation and maintaining economic balance.

HiScores Challenge

A point of contention within the community has been the presence of potentially illegitimate accounts on the HiScores, an issue Jagex does not take lightly. The complexity of distinguishing between bot-operated and legitimately played accounts, especially those used for gold farming or other illicit activities, presents a unique challenge.

Jagex’s commitment to fairness extends to the HiScores, with ongoing efforts to refine their systems to remove banned accounts. This includes collaboration between the anti-cheating and game engine teams to develop a reliable method for ensuring that the HiScores reflect the achievements of genuine players only.

Transparency and the Issue of False Bans

Jagex’s approach to banning accounts is rigorous, aimed at minimizing errors while ensuring those engaging in prohibited activities are held accountable. Despite the high accuracy of their detection systems, Jagex acknowledges the possibility of false bans and the concern they raise in the community.

With only a small percentage of bans being overturned upon review, the company has introduced additional verification steps to reduce the likelihood of such errors further. This enhancement of the review process underscores Jagex’s dedication to fairness and accuracy in its anti-cheating efforts.

Improving Player Support and Ban Appeals

Recognizing the importance of communication and transparency, Jagex is actively working to improve the ban appeal process. The current system, while functional, needs to be improved to provide the clarity and fairness desired by the community.

By reviewing and enhancing how ban appeals are handled, Jagex aims to offer a more transparent and equitable process, allowing players to understand and challenge bans more effectively. This initiative reflects Jagex’s commitment to supporting the OSRS community and ensuring players feel heard and valued.

Forward-Looking Commitments

As Jagex continues to navigate the challenges of maintaining a fair and enjoyable gaming environment, its ongoing initiatives and plans reflect a commitment to innovation, community engagement, and the continuous improvement of its anti-cheating measures.

By promoting a dialogue with the player base and remaining open to feedback, Jagex aims to build upon its successes in combating bots and cheating, ensuring that OSRS remains a game celebrated not just for its rich history and vibrant world but also for its integrity and the fairness of its competitive landscape.


The battle against bots in Old School RuneScape is an ongoing struggle, requiring continuous effort and innovation from Jagex. The developer’s commitment to maintaining game integrity and their desire to deliver meaningful content updates showcase their dedication to the OSRS community.

As Jagex continues to refine its strategies and introduce new measures against botting, the anticipation for updates like the Undead Pirates remains high. The journey ahead may be challenging, but the resolve of the OSRS team and community is unwavering, promising a future where the game continues to thrive, free from the influence of bots and gold farmers.

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