5 Best Free Battle Royale Games To Play Right Now

In a battle royal game, the winner takes it all. Are you ready for the high stakes and fierce competition? Battle royale games dominate the gaming sphere by providing a competitive edge with different opponents, maps, and skill levels for each match.

Gaming isn’t just for those with deep pockets; plenty of free games help you get in on the action. So, what are the best free battle royale games to play now?

In this article, we have listed the hottest battle royale games you can enjoy without forking over your hard-earned cash! 

What Is Battle Royale Gaming?

A battle royale game is an online platform that allows players to battle until the last man standing. You can have matches with as little as four players and as many as 100. It all depends on the game you’re playing.

You wait in the lobby for the game setup to take place, and then all players are dropped onto the map for a free-for-all battle.

The chaos, competitiveness, and action of battle royale gaming is a rush for many gamers, and you can get in on the action with plenty of free options. 

Top Free Battle Royale Games To Play Right Now

Let’s look at the new battle royale games 2023, blowing people’s minds right now—without the price tag!

1. Fortnite

Fortnite Wallpaper

You’ll have heard about Fortnite already (unless you’ve lived in a dungeon for many years). The game has inspired internet trends, dances, and memes. But what you might not know about the game is that it’s completely free to download! While many in-app purchase options may exist, you can play just fine without spending a dime.

The game was initially released in 2017 by developer Epic Games and has since become a sensation. Players are air-dropped onto the map with a parachute, ready to survive the attacks of up to 100 players. 

You can build forts to protect yourself, find weapons and survival materials, or fight them out. This game requires a certain level of strategy, quick thinking, and situational awareness. 

If you’re a newbie, you’ll certainly need some time before you start ranking well. Since the game has been around for a while, the skill level of most players is exceptional. So, be prepared to die pretty quickly in the first few rounds. Finding your feet is all part of the fun, eh?

The game is available on almost every platform, from the Nintendo Switch to PC and mobile gaming, as well as all consoles. 

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2. Blood Hunt

Blood Hunt Wallpaper

If you like the roleplay tabletop game ‘Vampire,’ you’ll love this vampire-inspired battle royale game. Blood Hunt is a battle royale game set in Prague amid a war between vampire clans. The developer, Sharkmob AB, released the game in 2021.

There are over 1.2 million active players, so you don’t need to worry about lengthy game lobbies. The free game is accessible on Microsoft/Windows, PlayStation 5, and GeForce Now.

3. Warlander

Warlander Wallpaper

In Warlander, you enjoy an intense battle royale game in an old-fashioned medieval setting. The game allows up to 100 players to face off in a free-for-all in the medieval world ravaged by war over Cores (beings with magical abilities).

The game combines RPG, MOBA, and hack-and-slash elements to create a hybrid gaming experience. 

You can find this thrilling game on the following platforms: Xbox Series X and S, PlayStation 5, and Windows/Microsoft.

4. Fall Guys

Fall Guys Wallpaper

If you’re in the mood for bright and cutesy games, you’ll enjoy Fall Guys. 40 players can control jelly-bean-like characters in a free-for-all battle royale match. The game offers several mini-games for you to compete in against your opponents to see who comes out at the top.

The game was released in 2021 by Mediatonic, and there are over 250,000 active players currently, so your matches won’t take too long!

Fall Guys is completely free, and you can get involved in the colorful fun on platforms like Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Microsoft, and Xbox Series X and S.

5. Apex Legends

Apex Legends Wallpaper

If you love hero-shooter games, Apex Legends might tickle your fancy. Its a battle royale game set in a region of space called the Frontier. Reminiscent of sci-fi games like Halo and Borderlands, this game has all the cool skins, characters, and space maps you could dream of.

The game was made in 2019 by developers Respawn Entertainment and Panic Button Games. And there are over 58 million active players, so you’ll have plenty of opponents to face in this intergalactic fantasy.

This free game is on platforms like Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, GeForce Now, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S, iOS, and Android.

In summary, if you have a mobile phone or console, there are plenty of free games worth trying, including Battle Royale Madness! Give these games a go. There are many options, whether you’re into fantasy, cutesy games, or traditional shooter and survival matches. Ensure the game is available on your platform, and you’re ready to go!

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