The Reality of “Hackolo” – Android Phone Hacker Software

Just recently, I stumbled upon a Windows program called “Android phone hacker,” claiming to offer spying capabilities on Android devices. Sadly, this software is nothing but a sham, targeting those curious souls eager to peek into their partner’s phone activities.

The host site,, is a repository of similarly deceptive software, including a supposed Facebook hacker. These programs are not just ineffective; they’re outright frauds.

Here’s how the trap is set: You’re prompted to download and install an executable file. But here’s the catch: this file sneakily installs adware on your computer without your consent.

The software makes bold claims, like hacking any Android phone using just the phone number. It insists on a continuous internet connection between you and your target for the hack to work, promising access to import files from the victim’s device. Spoiler alert: these claims are complete nonsense.

After downloading the software, you hit a roadblock—it asks for an activation code. To get this code, you’re either lured into completing surveys and offers or pushed to purchase a license. This is a classic setup for identity theft or, even worse, credit card fraud.

In reality, “Android phone hacker” is just another tool in the vast ocean of Android hacking scams. Its primary function? To infect your computer with malware that steals your sensitive information.

Android phone hacker screenshot

To appear legitimate, the site even posts fake user reviews and hacking tutorials on YouTube. But don’t be fooled. If you try installing them, not only will they not work, but they could also damage your computer system.

A Word of Caution

So, folks, let this be a warning: steer clear of random Android hacking software. They’re more likely to compromise your system with spyware, targeting your personal data, than to hack someone else’s phone. For those interested in understanding the legitimate ways of phone tapping, please refer to our previous article, “How to tap a mobile phone remotely.”

Ashwin S

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